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Spark’s 1st Video Release


Drum-roll please. Spark in the Dark’s first-ever home video is complete, and is about to be unveiled, in public, right here on this very blog.

This was created for an assignment in BGI’s Social Media for Social Change class.Many of us wondered how we could possibly complete the assignment. I started out not even knowing that Windows comes with a video editor. Its called Movie Maker. It is limited, but in that useful sort of way that makes it relatively easy to use.

After worrying about the assignment for a bit, I finally let go and had some fun with it. In the spirit of the class (“ship early ship often, and don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good enough”), I unveil it here, for your viewing pleasure.

It was fun to meet Joule. Her agent says that she is available for film, play, and commercial roles.


Author: tamarajgordy

Facilitating projects with positive environmental and social impacts.

10 thoughts on “Spark’s 1st Video Release

  1. That was too much fun. I laughed. I cried. I had renewed hope for Joule. I am a little worried for Watt though.

  2. A very creative and beautiful love story. Joule found her svelte prince(s).

  3. I adore it! I want a relationship for 50,000 hours! I laughed out loud! Thank you!

  4. Great use of props! reminded me of Ms. Happy Pants from CRL this summer. I was wondering if they were getting "turned on" and going to jump into the sac…i mean socket at the end of their date. Fun!

  5. tamara, this was clever and effective! totally rule #6, playful and evocative. i've known about LED lights for some time, but didn't know they came in a 'floodlamp' form-factor!hopefully one of the things that will come from the demise of incandescents is a LED that has the same warm glow of old 'traditional' Watt…

  6. Thanks for all the feedback love.

  7. I love it! Great job, Tamara!

  8. Tamara, I loved it. It was simple and funny- the message was communicated effectively through your humor. You should really think about making more of these short videos. Nice work.

  9. Saturday T.V. funhouse, T.V. funhouse! Wow! great stuff.

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