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Natural Skincare – the start of an obsession

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Lately I find myself more and more turned off by mainstream drugstore products for skin, hair, and home. One look at an ingredient label is enough to know that rubbing that stuff all over yourself does not sound like a bright idea. Even many products marketed as natural and organic have ingredients that are known or suspected toxins. I want to find out if we can do better.

By making my own, I get to experiment with some of the best things nature has to offer, like essential oils, Shea Butter, Kukui Nut Oil, Coconut Oil, and Sweet Almond oil. These are rich luxurious cold-pressed unrefined natural oils, filled with naturally-occurring nutrients, interesting aromas, and healthy fatty acids.

I’d like to invite you to join me so we can learn about natural, small-batch DIY care for face, hair, body and home together. So far I’ve learned that there is a wealth of information and experience that we can tap. I also learned that, just like with cooking,  just because someone publishes a recipe on the internet or in a book, does not mean that it is a good recipe, and that things like the quality of ingredients and technique make a huge difference in the awesomeness of the final product.

I’m in my happy place. Learning, researching, experimenting, and playing in the kitchen.  And my skin has never felt so soft.

What are your experiences making and using natural products for skin and home?




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