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Free ebook – How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Have you ever wondered how to make better use of LinkedIn? Here is a handy resource. (Please note that Many LinkedIn functions have been updated since this post was written) Even better, it is free today (Of course that can end at any time, so be sure to check the pricing when you go to order it). It is a Kindle ebook, How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile & 18 Mistakes to Avoid by Brenda Bernstein, on Amazon.com

Here is her list of 18 Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Ineffective use of keywords
  2. A boring uninformative headline with no keywords
  3. No profile photo or an unprofessional or distracting photo
  4. No status bar or a status bar that’s over a month old
  5. Websites labelled generically, e.g. “Company Website” or “Personal Website”
  6. Public profile url (link) with lots of numbers, letters, and slashes at the end
  7. No recommendations or very few recommendations
  8. Recommendations that contain spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, or are just plain boring
  9. Fewer than 500 connections
  10. Blank or ineffective summary section
  11. Blank specialties and skills sections
  12. LinkedIn Partner applications and special sections not utilized
  13. No descriptions or weak descriptions of job duties and accomplishments
  14. Lack of consistency/discrepancies in format and structure
  15. Spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
  16. Unattractive formatting
  17. Insufficient or ineffective group membership
  18. A static (unchanging, outdated) profile

(Yikes- Looks like I’ve got some work to do – perhaps we can collaborate by reviewing and making suggestions on each others’ efforts)